Daily News, Fri, Aug 8

Do’s and Dont’s from Smilin’ Hal Koerner’s Ultrarunning Commandments – in case you hadn’t already wanted to buy (or bought) his book

New film documents Tarahumara tribe’s healthy living

Is there a perfect stride or running gait? And if so, how do you change to get it?

Would you (have you) tried hypnosis, self-hypnosis or NLP to improve performance?

Look how many of these started out as trail/ultra shoes, now in the mainstream media!

Deadspin explains Six Days in the Dome

Hamstring rehab tips from an elite marathoner

Team USA for the world mountain running championships, men’s includes Joe Gray and former URP guest Zach Miller.

A British woman plans to run 53 marathons in 53 consecutive days, each one in a different city. It would be a new Guinness record for consecutive marathons run, current men’s record is 52 (women’s is 17).

Ultramarathon man’s favorite places to run.

Screw your shoes!

I want this shirt! Who’s with me?

From the mid-Atlantic URP desk, Steve’s training post Western States and his upcoming race plans….

It will take “the maturity of an adult and the madness of a child” to run Mumbai’s first ultramarathon, a 12 hour race scheduled for August 15th.

Dane talks about the mental aspect of taking on an ultramarathon, based on his own experience and that of others. Great Bill Rodgers quote at the end!

RIP, Jim Nelson


Rowing across the ocean with your spouse? Definitely an ultra-endurance event! I’ve heard Sami on the EndurancePlanet podcast. Interesting guy, interesting training approach.

How to fly a jetpack

Meb at the White House! [Eric here. I tried some of the Skechers ultra shoes yesterday and was pretty impressed. Expect a review in the next few months.]

SI’s Fittest 50 includes 4 (by my count) track & field athletes, including Meb…with the growing popularity of ultras/MUT/skyrunning, bets on when will it include an ultrarunner and who that would be?

Weekend Calendar

just a few interesting races (from ultrasignup.com )

Cool Moon (Cool, CA)

Beast of Burden (NY)

MD Heat Trail Race (MD)

The Nifty 50 (in Anchorage – really, two ultras in Anchorage at once!)

And if you’re not racing, remember, Six Days in the Dome is still going….thanks to Israel for the live video feed and twitter updates! (but not for all the work I didn’t get done because of it)

Have a great weekend!

Guest edited by M @readeatwriterun who runs in northern Virginia and blogs at readeatwriterun.com She’s planning to run her first ultra at Across the Years in December.

[Huge thanks to my three guest editors, Luke, Paul, and M for compiling and editing the news in my absence. You all did a fantastic job and I appreciate the help.
Back on Monday with a TON of info and gear review ideas. —eric]

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