Daily News, Fri, Aug 9

Anton’s Speedgoat race report.

Does (not) running affect your mental health?

You heard our new Pam Smith podcast, right? A bit glitchy getting it up, but it’s live and it’s good.

Just flew in a few hours ago. Exhausted. Short news day today. Remind me to never travel with a young toddler again on a long plane ride.

And once again, this’ll never happen, but it’s fun to ponder the outcome of such a ย race. What’s great about MUT running is that we get to see these head-to-heads pretty regularly. Max King mixing it up with Anton, Leor Pantilat racing Timmy Olson…

Here’s a video from the inaugural San Francisco 50/100 event last weekend. Bummed I missed it.

…speaking of Leor, check out his awesome pics from his latest back country jaunt into the North Cascades.

There must be a TON of traffic on the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) with records being attempted and set this summer. Today, Brian Donnelly and Yassine Diboun head out to conquer the Oregon portion. Details here.

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