Daily News, Fri, Dec 13

The Desert Solstice 24 hr and 100 mile track meet starts tomorrow. Check out the incredible list of entrants and their accomplishments.  Wish I could be there to watch.

It’s Friday the 13th! Here’s a video of the race walking dead. Cute.

Great post by Devon Yanko on not running.

The guys over at trailandultrarunning liked the Suunto Ambit 2S. I tried one for about a month, couldn’t figure out how to use it, couldn’t get the HR strap to work, and sent it back.

Interesting: How to make a living as a professional adventurer. I suppose this could also translate to running.

Old Man Mackey’s Quad Dipsea report. That guy is a BEAST.

Check out this mountain marathon in South Africa.

The Angry Jogger discusses ten types of people who try to discourage you from running and healthy living.

Why running is the most democratic of sports.

Weekend Calendar

Tallahassee Ultradistance Classic. Paved loops, but looks wicked fast. Check out the CRs that have stood for 30 years.

Yikes, speaking of loops. The Bartrams 100 in Georgia is a 6.25 mile loop repeated sixteen times.

Deception Pass 50k in Washington looks beautiful!

And the Pullman Winter ultra fatass in Washington looks really, really cold. From the site: IMPORTANT: The Pullman Winter Ultra Series is a no-fee, low-key, no-support, slip-on-ice, freeze-your-toes-off, drink-a-beer-afterward-or-during, fun-run-style event.

And Inside Trail’s Woodside Ramble 50k is set in the gorgeous trails near Silicon Valley.



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