Daily News, Fri, Dec 19

You’ve heard me talk about Ian’s International Marathon Comparison list.  Now it’s updated with Strava data!

Caroline Boller is NIke’s newest trail elite chica.

I get tired of the term “shaming”, but she’s got a great point. 

Great video of Luke in the Colorado back country. Dang, that’s awesome country.

If you’re not sick of “drop” talk yet, here’s more for ya.

Some of the best outdoor stories of the year.

Is this due to lack of internet access in RSA, or is this just how they do it?

A quick q&a with Kilian.

Does a battery-operated bike seem like an appropriate prize for winning a half marathon?

Do your trailshoes have metal spikes? Our reviewer Rachel checked out the new Aurora BuGRIP from IceBug and loved the grip, but wasn’t thrilled with the upper. 

Toughest winter endurance races. So 1,000 miles across Alaska was not worthy?

It’s very rare that I agree with “best of” lists, but this one just about nails it.

How to read and interpret wear patterns on your running shoes.

The letsrun braintrust analyses the MUT scene yet again. Who are these people?

Informative piece about Bekele’s quest for the marathon. Great insight into arguable the best runner of his generation.

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