Daily News, Fri, Feb 1

Really good training tips from an Olympic swimmer and Ironman champion. Listen up.

Break free: A musician, runner, and writer’s case for breaking free of the roads.

Anyone know what happened to the Bad to the Bone/All Star running camps? I heard so much about them last year, then nothing since. Did they happen? If you have info, please reply or email me. Thanks.

Here’s a good interview with Ryan Sandes. My wife swoons.

AJW offers five pieces of advice for race day.

Who knew they made hand-crank cellphone chargers? Might be worthy of finding a place in my expedition pack.

The first aborigine, I don’t know. But this guy has got to be the first blue-haired aborigine to run an ultra, right?

The Justice Dept steps in to save us from a s#hitty beer monopoly.

More beer news: What makes a beer a “craft” beer?

Sorry, Salomon, these “glove bottles” are about the dumbest things I’ve seen in a long time.

Sorry I’m gonna miss this: A video preview of Luis Escobar’s Penny Lane Ultra that’ll be held tomorrow in Santa Barbara. Looks awesome.

Ray Miller 50/50 is tomorrow in Malibu. With a 50k and 50M option, the elites are spread out between the two distances, but include Hal, Dom Grossman, Timmy Olson, and Chad Ricklefs. Should be a good race and perhaps a harbinger to Lake Sonoma.

This Marine (not former Marine, editor) lost his leg to an IED, ran a hundo, and now got swept down a mountain in an avalanche. Yeah, this cat has nine lives.

Ken Lambert wrote this about diet and performance, but it could have easily been me. Sore hip, desire to eat cleaner, birthday in mid February.

Here’s my first part of a 2 part review of the On CloudSurfer shoe.

Scott Dunlap reviews (and easily convinces me) to check out Kilian’s movie: “A Fine Line–Summit of my Life.” I didn’t need much arm twisting.

Lance’s first post-confession interview with Cycling News.

How female runners differ from female triathletes.

If you’re neurotic about which chemicals go into your body, read this.

Jorge at WS finish. Photo Glenn Tachiyama.
Jorge at WS finish. Photo Glenn Tachiyama.

I saw this shoe at San Francisco Running Co yesterday, and it’s gnarly. The tread looks like that of a soccer cleat.  And yeah, the hype is founded. If you’ve seen Jorge Maravilla race before, he’s brought the same energy to the store. Check them out if you’re in Marin.

This dude is running across part of Africa with a stroller to support penguins.

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