Daily News, Fri, Feb 14

Cool video with Seb Chaigneau on some incredible trails, and here’s an interview with him.

The most expensive marathons in the US.  Without looking, what’s the highest?

Tropical John and I agree completely on this: Subjectively scored sports are lame.

I’m pretty sure we’ve pondered this on the trails, but at last...An official answer!

In our  interview with Michele Yates, she talked about eating pumpkin cookies for her pre-race meal. Here’s the recipe.

Twelve facts about maximalist shoes.

…and on the other spectrum, here’s our new review of the Skora Fit. Zero drop, 16mm stack, and bright pink.

Another movie about Western States is coming out and this one sounds pretty good.

There are only four Wisconsites who’ve ever finished Badwater. Get to know one of them here.

NUC, but here’s the full video of Alex Honnold scaling a wall and defying death. The guy’s amazing.  I wonder what he thinks of these guys.

This is big news in the xc ski world I guess. Pretty normal in ours.

This sounds like an awesome hike in Sweden.  Does anyone run it?

Feel like reading about acute kidney injuries sustained in ultras? Here ya go.

Three injuries that plague runners. Nothing on the calf? Personal update: Not limping on leg anymore. I’ve taken two weeks off completely, I’m using my GRID roller every day, and am considering not surrendering my bib for Razorback.

Weekend Calendar:

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day y’all.


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