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Must read: Race report from Derrick Spafford’s Yukon Arctic Ultra.

Derrick Spafford running the Yukon Arctic Ultra
Derrick Spafford running the Yukon Arctic Ultra

And here’s a sample of the report on the 5th place finisher: ย Chen spent the last night of the race in fear and anxiety as he slept near a river in a temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius, Tang said, adding that all of his clothes were frozen and he suffered hypothermia.

AJDub highlights the future leaders of our sport.

Cool interview with Runnerman Dan, a kilt-wearing, beer-drinkin’ guy who trains for hundos and stage races by running 40 miles a week.

Even after I started running fairly regularly, at about age 50, I wasn’t competitive in the least. And then a couple of years ago, something just changed. I now really love training and racing, and when I step up to the start line, it’s pretty serious business for me. My mom never let my sister and me do any sports (of course there weren’t that many for girls when I was a kid), so Mom and Dad must be smiling down at me and saying “What the heck is she doing???” A couple of years ago I heard a talk by an Ironman champ, a 40-some woman who has cystic fibrosis, and she said that you should always use it all when you race, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. So maybe it’s her words, or maybe it’s Frank’s total pride and excitement and support for me, or maybe it’s wanting to show the kids what their old mom can do, or maybe it’s just fun — but I sure hope I’ve got a few good races left in me.” –Kelley Schranz (my Mom, age 62)

I’m fascinated by the Joggler–the guy runs marathons while juggling–and is pretty good at it. Naturally, he’s found a guy who can juggle, while solving a damn Rubik’s cube! Now if could incorporate trail running with that I’d be willing to give him a gold medal just for plain awesomeness.

Beware of footstrike studies only focusing on one variable.

If for whatever reason you need to create a distance chart for trail or road, here’s a great (and Unknownfree) generator in Access to get you going. (download at bottom.)

Here’s an advice column on flying through the rocks on a downhill MTB. Would someone please write a similar column for running similar terrain?

Five myths about ultramarathons.

Pliny the Younger is tapped out for the year. Didya get a change to try any?

How this Average Joe trained for his first ultra.

Ian Corless submits a good intro toย Fuego y Agua, which starts tomorrow in Nicaragua.

Interesting analysis on how Adidas’s sponsorship of Team GB in the Olympics has affected their bottom line and market share. ย Does sponsoring an event (the largest on the planet) really change the way people make buying decisions? Anxious to read more.

How the elites train their core.

Listener Danny Naylor goes on a very snowy trail run on Rattlesnake Mountain in Washington.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Any beer recommendations for me? Sours, Strong Am or Belg Ales, exotics? Ideas? Thanks!



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