Daily News, Fri, Feb 20

Dear people who run in the snow: What is your deal anyway?

Everyone is beatable: Kilian’s record goes down.

I don’t usually share indiegogo campaigns, but this one looks pretty good. Definite URP guest material!

If you hover on these words, a little bubble pops up on the left. You can now comment on individual links. Safari works and IE works. Are Firefox and Chrome seeing the bubbles? Let me know.

Short chat with the two brothers who have dominated Marathon des Sables for a decade. Key piece of advice:

Start running as young as possible and run a lot. Run in beautiful natural places as much as possible.

What do you prefer: Wool, synthetic, or a blend?

Come on, Outside, you’re better than this. How about disclosing that this is one big commercial for DK’s sponsors?

Billy rides along for a tempo run with Ryan Hall. That guy’s gait is gorgeous.

Cory’s DNF report from the Jackpot Ultra.

Do you save anything for the race, despite the distance?

I still don’t understand what the hell this is.

And this confuses me even more. So wait, you eat your watch?

Esquire chats with Jez Bragg and asks all the regular questions.

Do you depend on your GPS for accuracy?

Weight lifters using breast milk to pump up. What the heck is wrong with you people?

Finalizing production on a new podcast that I’ll release before noon. Guest is great with an amazing story. New audio equipment work pretty well. Score!

Site news: I sent out a ton of new FIDDY and HUNNERD stickers on Wednesday. They should be arriving in mailboxes soon. Thanks again everyone.

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