Daily News, Fri Feb 22

Must read: Sherpa John dissects ultra relationships.

…which may or may not lead to…the world of ultra-parenting.

Asian skyscraper boom leads way to crazy stair climb races.

I suppose if I ever wanted to use a treadmill, and if I had $9k to spend on it, this is the one I’d buy.

Joe Grant submits some killer pictures from the snow mountains before heading off to Alaska for the totally insane ITI.

More on the totally crazy Mt Marathon event. h/t to Melissa for this.

Sacramento Beer Week starts today! For the next week, our city turns into a full-fledged beer party and the sour/barrel-aged extravaganza is less than a mile from URP Headquarters.

Kids in sports: Participation or Competition? A very balanced discussion.

Ian Sharman’s take on Fuego y Agua. Sounds like one hell of a week!

This hundo starts today in the Philippines. Check out some of these pics. Wow! Note, they’ve also decided to go cupless, but ask the runners to bring their own cups, rather than manufacturing new ones. Makes sense, no?

Running asymmetries: Fixing the wonky runner.

This vegan is going to try out the paleo diet for a month. Sounds awful.

“For instance, when running through Rajasthan, I was hallucinating. I could see dancing girls around me where there was nothing but miles of desert. But you put your head down and tell yourself, I’m not quitting today.” Story here.

World Marathon Majors steps up their enforcement and harshens the consequences of elites caught doping.

…meanwhile, WADA is going regional.

Are we ever going to discuss this?

Here’s a video of Oswaldo Lopez at 2011’s Badwater.

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