Daily News, Fri, Feb 27

Sounds like Tim is adapting to the MUT culture pretty well: He’s planning to race 2k feet up a 3 mile mountain to grab some local beers, one week before Lake Sonoma…and he wants you to come along. Road trip to Mammoth anyone?

Varner’s season is all set to go.  Sounds like he’s listening to his coach closely and ready to race hard.

Speaking of Nike, their new wearable tells you what you’re running from.

Haiku Stairs
Haiku Stairs

One of the most beautiful stair climbs in the world is set to be demolished. 

Quick chat with Joe Grant.

…and a quick chat with Max King about running in Central Oregon.

If you were looking forward to traveling to the North Korean marathon, you’re out of luck. They’ve banned all foreigners due to a bizarre Ebola fear.

Six amazing wilderness survival stories, including one from MDS I hadn’t heard.

blue ribbon

Sorry for the short news day.  Busy at home and Sacramento Beer Week starts today. Gotta prepare, you know.

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