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Dave Johnston obliterates the Iditarod Trail Invitational record by fourteen hours, finishing the 350 mile trek (in the Arctic, while pulling a sled), in just over four days.  Oh yeah, and it was one week after he blew up Roes’ record at Susitna 100.  Wow!

Though I’m admittedly guilty of a few, I really dig Candice’s new post: When ultrarunners go too far. 

Turns out you can get a ticket for running in Central Park before it’s opened.

Are your shoelaces going extinct?  Miss Zippy sure would like to see them gone.

Matt Trappe’s movie about Scott Jaime’s Colorado Trail FKT premieres next weekend. Wish I could be there to see it. I’ll have to wait until the end of April.

Registration for Waldo 100k opens tomorrow, and if last year was any indication, you better not be on dialup to get in.

Thirteen best ultrarunning excuses.

NUC: Yelp releases its list of top restaurants in the US, and it’s an awesome combination of taco stands, BBQ joints, yeah, some fancy places, and all lead by a little poke shack in Hawaii. My type of eatin.  Any of these in your area?

Sarah reports from her first race back after an injury (it’s good news, don’t worry), and discusses the life of one of the Bay Area’s major trail racing companies.

Boston will be the Hoyt’s last.  

Amy Palmiero-Winters did an ultraman last weekend. Unstoppable!

I’m confused by this entire thing: So these are shoes we’re allowed to wear while not running? Or out of the gym? Or huh?

Never mind the fact he’s barefoot, here’s a great video of a guy running the John Muir Trail.

Some final news and pics from this weekends TheNorthFace Transgrancanaria race in the Canary Islands.

…but if you don’t happen to be there, here are offerings from this side of the world:

Weekend Calendar:


Just to clarify, URP is alive, well, and moving forward.

Just as when Don and Scott left in 2011, the show will go on. For the next few weeks, I’ll be doing some shows alone, and some with a revolving set of guest co-hosts.

There’s no doubt and no way to over emphasize the great chemistry Scotty and I had in the studio. When we pushed record, our brains connected and our passion for the sport led the way. We exchanged looks, laughed at one another as our jaws dropped to the floor, and  gave wild hand gestures for a silent language that only we knew.

But from my perspective, the success and popularity of URP has been the great guests. Hearing wild stories, old tales, harrowing races, crazy diets, incredible comebacks, and valuable advice has been the true highlight of our little show, and that will not change.

Just as when you lose a pet, friend, or spouse (Scotty falls into the middle category, for clarification), you don’t rush out and attempt to replace them with something exactly the same. It won’t work. Give me some time to get it right, let me know how I’m doing, and I promise it’ll be OK.

Will there be glitches? Sure, but we’re all endurance runners and have probably encountered bumps in the road before, right? If I fall hard, reach out a hand, help me up, and point out where I tripped up. I’ll appreciate it.

Daily News, Commentary, Reviews, Pictures, Food, Beer and great guests will all continue, unchanged.

Thanks for sticking with URP, and big thanks to Scotty for all he’s done.



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