Daily News, Fri, Feb 7

Good read: Where are the ultrarunning sponsorships for the ladies?

So is there a perfect running form?

Transgrancanaria is definitely on my bucket list. Check it out here.

This review of Running on Empty makes me want to reread the book and give another listen to Marshall’s podcast.

Well that’s not good news. Kenyan doping task force runs out of money.

Motivation: Even in a race as short as an 800, just because you start out as a dark horse, injured and in dead last…doesn’t mean a darn thing.

Ten reasons not to run an ultra marathon.  

And based off the map we shared earlier this week, this runner went further and made his interactive. Very cool.

Pliny the Younger is released today. Expect to wait 8 hours for a drink, as it’s only poured for two weeks. Great beer. Reeeeaaaalllllllly great marketing.

The Yukon Arctic Ultra is coming up, and man, it’s a doozy.

…speaking of cold, here’s how Jill plans her drop bags and food intake for the Iditarod.

…and meanwhile, it’s shirtless weather on the California coast and Leor has once again found some incredible trails and shared pics with us.

Local running stores are being bought up by a big company in Colorado. Meh.

Another great update from Ian Corless on The Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica.

Quickie with TNF athlete Jordan McDougal.

One of the drawbacks of having an organized sport: Dealing with junk like this.  Thankfully USA Cycling did the right thing.

Track and Field: Pressure’s on for someone to go sub 4 at the Meyo Mile.

Have you tried recovery sandals?

To say that Scotty and I are ecstatic about our interviews tomorrow would be a huge understatement. We’ll be releasing one in the next few days.

Weekend Calendar!

  • Jackson Jackass 50k in Jackson, Tennessee.  Only 25 runners!
  • Fuego y Agua ultras in Nicaragua.  These look awesome and appear to have a great vibe to them.

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