Daily News, Fri, Feb 8

Here’s a running ap that subtely changes the pace of your music to meet your target tempo.

Seventy eight candy bars, two pounds of salami, several pounds of peanut-butter pretzels, 80 packets of fruit snacks, eight cans of Pringles, four boxes of crackers, 36 tortillas, two pounds of cheese, two pounds of chocolate, a pound of cookies, twelve Lara Bars, two boxes of granola bars, trail mix, nuts, astronaut ice cream, bulk containers of painkillers, caffeine pills, antacid, and vitamins.  And that’s just for one of Beat’s three drop bags.  Ho-ly crap.

Fifteen and a half types of people I regularly see on the trails.

Can mountain running make you faster?

Who knew there was such a demand for ultras in Alaska? I’m still trying to figure out what skijoring is. Is it XC skiing with dogs?

Sherpa John disects the numbers leading up to his first hundo.

Heh. Are you ultra?

Cycling around the world sounds great until you get to the damn desert.

NUC: More sweet cabin porn.

James spent last week in New Orleans, but he’s most happy about being home on the trails, getting his name drawn for races, and sipping some good IPAs.

This really will be trail porn.



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