Daily News, Fri Jan 18

Are gels ruining your teeth?

Video: 25 of Britain’s best trails.

The honesty of the long distance runner. Would you have done the same?

HURT follow-along and current course conditions, courtesy of Gary Robbins.

AJW’s Ode to the Old School Ultra. I’m with ya Andy.

Charlie Engle just finished running 100+ miles across Brazil. Tomorrow he’s taking off on the Brazil135. Read Ian Sharman’s profile of the race here.

Good read: How to make a running habit that sticks.

Lauren Fleshman: A fellow pro athlete’s plea.

Cabin porn.

Jean Pommier goes on a business trip to North Carolina and figures out a way to squeeze in part of the Umstead course. Sounds like a race I’d like.

Good shoe review of the “minimalist cleat” Inov8 Bare Grip 200. Is this what Gary Gellin was wearing at TNFEC to be able to take the mud hill so quickly?

bunny foot massageDoes massage work?

Interested  in winning some big Vibrams? Check out our contest here.

Jez Bragg has been averaging 40 miles per day for the last 37 days. This is his first (very well deserved) rest day. What an adventure!

Has anyone worn this shoe? Lightweight, healthy drop, nice traction.

As a “ski every ten years” type of skiier, I always thought of ski patrollers as “guys who want to ski for free” and not much more. Gretchen sets me straight.

Meb has joined the EliptiGo team. Hmm.

Watchya doing tomorrow? Want to run a marathon at an indoor ice rink in Milwaukee? I love quirky events like this, but that’s quite a drive…




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