Daily News, Fri, Jan 2

The well-kept secret is out: Max, Ellie, and Dakota are all Salomon athletes as of yesterday. I’ve heard the move compared to the Yankees buying up players, but don’t find that fair. Those three weren’t stolen…they were abandoned (due to finances and an altered business model) and picked up by a team looking for the right runners. In terms of depth for 2015, I see a tie between TNF, Nike, and now Salomon.

…and speaking of Ellie, she and Rob Krar were both named UROY by Ultrarunning Magazine. Both Canadians too. That’s got to be a first, eh?

“Protective gear such as helmets, gloves, goggles, knee and elbow pads are recommended.”

The number one race on my bucket list had its registration window open yesterday. Unfortunately, I still can’t justify flying to Alaska for a three mile race. Here’s the movie.

Remember the post last week about the lady suing the MTB organizer? Here’s a well-reasoned and totally calm response.  Bookmark this for when it happens in our sport.

Updates from ATY 6 day right this way. Dave Johnson currently running after Joe Fejes’ record.

Read this: New Years reflections and anti-resolutions.

And definitely read this too: The world is f#*king insane. (NUC)

Did you hear the latest podcast with Traci Falbo? She’s only been running ultras for three years, she’s got no coach, no sponsor, she loves junk food and burgers, and she has the fastest trail 100 and furthers indoor 48 hours of all time.

This video really makes me want to run in Montana…well, at least in the summer.  Check out those trails, and be sure to read the reasoning behind the video.

Jill’s got a pretty solid set of pictures and adventures from 2014. Wow!

Sarah had a heck of a year too, from a well executed first 100 to a rad new camper to pacing at Hardrock, though I’m most excited how she’s co-hosting with me.

Uphill Beer Mile preview, courtesy of John Burton.

MIke Wardian ran an indoor 50k in 3:06, and it’s still not clear which records he beat by doing so.

Fourteen fitness myths that need to get busted.  Apparently “face mask thingamajigs” needs to be added to the list too.

Twelve places to run and drink beer in 2015. Can I add a few? Sonoma County? Boulder? Flagstaff?

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