Daily News, Fri, Jan 24

Something I’m unable to master: The Art of Downhill Running.

Good race report from Vibram Hong Kong 100…geez, I didn’t realize some of the trails were scattered with attack monkeys.

Gary Allen (RD of the Great Cranberry Island Ultra that I never go to run and I’m still mad about 


it) is running from Maine to NJ to get to the Superbowl (well, and support a very worthy cause.)

Ras is a big fan of coconut butter. Apparently it ain’t just for lotion anymore.

Jon Olsen and Mami Kudo named IAU Ultrarunners of the Year.

Inside a runner’s rambling mind.

Awesome: Here’s a cool site that allows users to trade or buy used outdoor gear. (Affiliate link.)

Here’s a 5k that runs through an aircraft boneyard.

This Idaho Trail Series looks like a blast.  Pretty good beer (and wine) around Boise, too.

I may be prone to hyperbole as well, but calling this the “worlds toughest race” is a bit much, yeah?

And here we go again…Are we really born to run?

Follow this writer on his path to his first 50k.

This race company ensures that everyone gets a medal by allowing runners to drop down to whatever distance they want, ensuring a 100% finish rate. No thanks.

DBo speaks: Should MUT running be in the X Games?

I’d never heard of the Alaskan Slam. Eggs, moose meat, and toast maybe?

An 18yo wins the Dubai Marathon in 2:04:32.

This weekend:

And as always, if I’m missing something (news, gear, beer, races), please shoot me a message at [email protected]. Thanks!



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