Daily News Fri, Jan 25

How to train for a warm race in cold weather.

Looks like Solarweasel is heading to UTMB. Jealous?

Here we go again: Is there a right way to run?

OK, that sounds like an epic run. 3k miles through the jungles of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. I can only imagine how many vaccinations they had to get beforehand.

Trying to explain a hundo to a non runner.

The Manitou Incline fascinates me.  How far of a drive is it from Bryce Canyon in Utah?

Want to see what HURT looks like in the dark?

Staying calm and alert with AJW.

Fuego y Agua has a pretty good entrants list this year. Better add that to my bucket list.

Is your veg sandwich healthy?

Does alcohol help you sleep better? See! It’s therapeutic.

Here’s a nice obit for Wayne “Bid Dog” Joseph, a guy who dedicated his life to running.

Good read: What’s it like being an endurance junkie ex-pat living in Dubai?  Or listen to our interview with Cath Todd here. Warning, it’s from loooong ago was recorded in our “mobile studio” AKA Eric’s rickety old motorhome.

Speaking of Dubai, check out these marathon times today.



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