Daily News, Fri, Jan 3

An exhaustive research paper on ultrarunning and ultrarunners.  Bookmark this for future reference.

As of this writing (4:20am), Joe Fejes is at 546 compared to Yiannis’ 538.5 miles at Across the Years.  Yiannis is making up ground and is apparently driven, though his lack of sleep has him weaving into trees and fences. The AR isn’t entirely clear. Here’s the story.

Speaking of ATY, here’s a pretty good report from a relatively new runner who won the 48 hour race.

NUC: How to win an argument with a nutritionist.

More on (SkyRunning’s) The Rut 50k in Big Sky Montana.

Essential registration info for the inaugural Tahoe200.

What happens when you cut an Altra Lone Peak 1.5 in half?  We’re reviewing a pair right now and will post within a few weeks.

…and here’s our review of the Adidas Adios Boost. Yeah, it’s a road marathon shoe, but so many top MUT guys were wearing it, we had to check it out.

I’m generally not a fan of Ink n Burn, but I like these a lot.

Nick Symonds bails on Nike, signs with Brooks.  When will MUT running see a marketing-savvy runner like him?

This weekend:

If you happen to be in the Cayman Islands tomorrow (I hate you), check out CI’s first road ultra.

There’s also the Harbison 50k in South Carolina, and a few different distances (incl a 100) at the Pistol Ultra in Georgia.

For you midwesterners, the Winter Challenge in southern Michigan sounds…cold.  Plan on -5 at the start. Brrrrr.

There’s another cold sounding race in WV–The Frozen Sasquatch 25/50k, and there’s also the Epiphany 60k Fatass in Oakland that I’ll be running. Sorry folks, the weather should be in the mid-60s. Ha!

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