Daily News, Fri, Jan 30

Angeles Crest sold out in 15 minutes this year. Next year, solo runners (no crew/pacer) will have the opportunity to sign up one hour before everyone else. I think it’s a great way to deal with traffic and increased demand and it’ll keep one of the great hundreds a bit old school. What do you think?

URP guest Devon Yanko becomes Oiselle’s first MUT athlete. Awesome!

Where do you fit in? Here are the average finish times for ultras in 2014.

Climbing is having a similar “sponsored” dilemma as we are.  Interesting info on the grants available.

Before heading out there, better learn outdoor climbing etiquette though.

When you live in a flat area, sometimes you need to get creative to run vert on trails. Introducing Ridgeateering.

Similarly, when you live in a Norwegian town where the tallest building is five stories, how do you train to race up the Empire State Building? I’d love to do this one day!

One day left to win a free pair of Salomons from RootsRated. It’s only open to URP listeners/readers, so get on it!

Speaking of shoes, we’re reviewing the Cardiac Ultra from The North Face and it’s awesome.  Gone are the days when TNF made inferior shoes.

Everything you possibly need to know about Rocky Racoon this weekend.  Great coverage David!

And on the opposite end of the running spectrum, what’s going  on at The Armory tomorrow. That women’s 800 is going to be awesome. Watch the elbows!

How to be a terrible adventure partner.

Five tips on how to effectively drag your butt up a mountain

I can’t imagine paying a fortune to enter a 135 mile race in the freezing cold, suffering through 30+ hours, then intentionally tying for second place at the end. Yeah, everyone’s motivations are different, I know…

Hallowed ground in Boston.  The Rock at Hardrock, the track in Auburn…what other places hold that regard in our sport?

Now this sounds like a pretty interesting movie. Are humans good persistence hunters?

Exactly one year ago, I came up lame at the Surf City Marathon (my quest for sub 3) and spent the next month gaining 14 pounds and losing all fitness. I should have done this.

Does the time a race starts have a big impact on your performance? Yep.

Science I approve of: Beer is good for you.

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