Daily News, Fri, Jan 31

NUC whatsoever, but this is freaking awesome and I wish I could do it.

Sage talks about using fat as fuel in ultras.

What does this wacky sport look like through the eyes of a 17yo from Texas? Here’s our latest podcast with Ford Smith, a super-fast kid who’s lining up at Rocky Raccoon tomorrow.

Speaking of Rocky, ultrasportslive.tv will be there, broadcasting a live video feed of the entire race. Check it out here.

Meanwhile, the Coastal Challenge kicks off this weekend in Costa Rica.

What we can learn from Olympians about staying warm outside.

And a follow up to yesterdays story on beer drones. Warning: It’s bad news.

Oh, you’re paleo? That’s cool. I only eat butterflies.

Track: Rupp is going for the indoor mile WR in a few weeks. Strike when the iron’s hot!

Why can you bet money on the Super Bowl, but not races? 

Wow, I thought Strava was geeky. Veloviewer takes it up a notch. h/t to George. Note: Don’t be impressed by my stats. An elite friend of mine gave me his old Garmin and most of those are his results! I cleared the watch, but they still show up.

How many pairs of running shoes do you own? Seriously.

I’ll be out of town (and intentionally incommunicado) next Mon and Tue, so the URP Daily News will be guest-compiled by readers from the Midwest and New England.  Stay tuned and thanks for your help!

Weekend Calendar

  • Sean O’Brien 50 in SoCal. Part of the Montrail Ultra Cup, this race has got a stout list of elite entrants.
  • Ordinance 100k at Fort Ord in Central California. Brand new course on a former military base looks awesome!
  • Uwharrie Mountain Run in North Carolina. Anyone running this?
  • Rocky Raccoon 100 in Texas. A bunch of fast guys and some gals going for the American trail record.
  • Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach (Orange County), CA. Gotta plug this one. I’m running it and am freaked out.
  • Skydive Ultra in Florida. Definitely one of the strangest events out there…jump out of a plane, then fun an ultra.
  • Orcas Island 50k in Washington. Definitely a race on my bucket list.
  • Jed Smith Ultra in Sacramento. Flat and fast! If I wasn’t running the marathon down south, I’d be running this.

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