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There are no crews or pacers allowed. There are no real aid stations, but there are two check points where a hamburger and a soda can be purchased. Runners get their water from streams and must carry all the food they need for the entire race. The course is changed every year and the exact route is announced just before the race…The course is usually between 95 and 105 miles and can have anywhere from 22,000 to 30,000 feet of climbing. Oh, and you have to wear a helmet.  Welcome to a hundo in South America.

Here’s a fantastically inspiring piece about a 71yo ultra runner.

Jez Bragg is on day 24 of his jaunt across New Zealand. Yesterday he finished 90km. Next up, the Cook Strait.

The toughest race you’ve ever heard of.

Survival of the Wrongest…why personal health studies are crap.

Jimmy Dean talks about choosing the right attitude in light of some serious adversity.

Awesome video of Brian Lucido and Gary Gellin running some trails.

Ever had Tasmanian IPA from Missouri? Apparently it’s delicious.

Or maybe bull testicle beer is your thang? h/t to Caleb Wilson for this bizarre piece.

The secrets to high intensity interval training.

Make plans, not resolutions.

We’re currently looking for an apparel sponsor for our Enduro Team.  If you’re interested in discussing this, please contact me via email. Thanks.



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