Daily News, Fri, Jan 9

Alex Varner has an awesome 2014. Consider.

London Marathon will have perhaps the stoutest field ever.

The Flagstaff weekly bagel run sounds like fun. Do you have a similar run where you live?

Arrowhead 135 preview. Dang, that’s going to be cold.

My prediction for the next trail running mecca (and it looks like Sarah agrees): Mammoth Lakes, California.

Six things to do in the week before an ultra. I seem to ad “get an injury” to that list every time.

Whoa, this device could be a major game changer in terms of pain management.

Probably a lot more useful than a pedometer for your penis.

“To me, winning the race is really important. And, I don’t want to end up in a hospital.’’

David Johnston ATY race report where he ran 551 miles in six days.

What biomechanical error is holding you back?

This Japanese runner is crazy fast, he had a conveyor belt accident (ack!) that destroyed his arm, and he’s intent on making a name for himself in the MUT world–specifically Western States. h/t Joe

Tahoe200 registration will stay open until it sells out. Turns out there’s a finite number of people able and willing to run 200 miles. I’d be interested to see how many 200s there are in five years.

What’s your favorite water bottle? (I’m a hydroflask fanboy.)

After a few delays, the Ultimate Direction Fastpack 30 is finally available.  My reviewer Lucas has a ton of experience in the mountains and I trust his judgement. Now why’d I go give him the pack review, leaving me with nothing?

More on Wardian’s 50k track workout.

Be careful of speedework when base-building.

Welp, we’re only nine days in, and we already have the worst list of the year.

Wow. Confessions of an anorexic runner.

Ya gotta be able to look at running mishaps with a sense of humor and in perspective and carry on.

Thanks to Jack C for that beer featured on the front page. What a great name for a brew from Vermont!  I’ll drink it tonight and report back.



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