Daily News, Fri, July 11

iRunFar will have great coverage of the race over here. I’ll be glued to it all day. For the record, I’m going for Dakota or Jared. You?

More on Hardrock from the Denver Post.

Read this: Old interview with CR holder (of arguably the stoutest record in MUT running) Kyle Skaggs.

Are too many runners eating gluten free?

Will GPS be replaced by quantum positioning?

If you listened to the podcast(s) with Zach Bitter and are looking for more info, Ultrarunning Magazine just released a big piece on him. Check it out.

The rise of the run commuter.  Do you run to work?

Six bear safety tips for trail runners. I’ve seen a few and have never had any issues.

An unsponsored runner won the US Mountain Running Champs…here’s her story.

CrossFit is suing the publishers of a scientific study because it doesn’t like the results.

2:13 marathoner busted for stealing from his employer (a running store) and selling it online.

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