Daily News, Fri, July 12

Raw honesty from Adam Campbell.  Good read.

Crewing for Rob Krar at WS.

Interesting study on us. Who are we? Interesting:  We conclude that runners tend to be well into adulthood and with several years of running experience before running their first ultramarathon, but 25% have only been regularly running for 3 years or less at the time of their first ultramarathon.

Would you move to East Africa to become a better runner? These twins did just that.

5dennys - For soper  story in Business or Local Desk. Photos taken 02/9/10.Here’s an interview with Ian Sharman about his quest to break the Grand Slam record. (LINK FIXED)

Emily Harrison’s WS100 report.  It’s hard to believe a year ago she’D never run past 26.2. Wow.  And hey, ESPN, what’s with your “Body” issue having no runners? I’ve got a candidate for ya.

Next weekend there’s a bike race across Iowa, but this guy is going to run it. h/t to Dave S.

It’s Friday. If you’d rather waste time than work, you could track runners for Hardrock, Vol State, or even Sri Chinmoy here.  Stay strong, runners!

We’ve got enough to worry about while running, try being a diabetic ultrarunner who’s constantly experimenting with blood sugar and carb levels.

How to train for Leadville if you don’t live at altitude. Are Hypoxico tents similar to PEDs?

Alright, now cow’s milk is bad for us too.  This week we learned that soy milk is “toxic.”  What the hell are we supposed to put on cereal???

Badass: Guy runs marathon on crutches after battling cancer twice and shatters the world record. Now he’s looking for a new challenge and sounds kinda nuts…we welcome you with open arms, Michael!

Five questions with Darcy Africa.  No beer question?



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