Daily News, Fri, July 18

Awesome: The ultra copout.

Twenty one questions with Anton.

And 15 questions with Rory.  Want to guess what her proudest running achievement is?

Kilian just won Hardrock a week ago, and he’s racing a Skyrace today.  How does he prevent injury?

The four hours – yes four hours to complete 12 miles – through the night in the TenShi mountains were incredibly hard, and now that I was vomiting rather than eating…

-Nick Clarke turns in a double race report from Ultra Trail Mount Fuji and Western…neither turned out the way he wanted.

Errol “Rocket” Jones writes about “the old guard and the new guard” of this silly sport.  Here’s my interview with Errol…one of my favorites to date.

Running: The state of the sport 2014.  Strangely ignored is the ultra category, which I assume has seen more relative growth than any other distance.

Badwater starts on Monday. Here’s our interview with the RD Christ Kostman.

Here’s my review of the Hoka Clifton.

Former TdF champions (most of who were dopers) believe Lance should have his titles reinstated.

If you’ve got a hammer nearby, pick it up and hit yourself in the head with it.

or you could read this thread with the LetsRun geniuses who try to compare Emma Coburns Steeplechase performance with Kilian’s at Hardrock.  Both killer performances no doubt, but the lack of understanding is astounding.  Someone does however, refer to him as an “immortal mountain elf.”

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