Daily News, Fri, July 19

Scott Jaime’s Hardrock report, with great pics, a concise trail breakdown, and this: Another lesson here:  Beer calms your stomach down and makes you happy.

If you’re in the NE and looking for a trail race with a gluten free aid station, check this out.  With the amount of GF ultrarunners, this is likely a harbinger of things to come. h/t to Jill P.

Yassine Diboun’s road to the top ten.  Good read.

Seven habits of highly effective runners and eaters.

You into beer porn?

…meanwhile, will a drink hurt my running performance?

Tahoe Rim Trail 100 is tomorrow and it should be  great (but hot) race. Ian Torrence has come in 4th twice and he’s taking another stab at it.  Full entrants list here.

As TRT are making their way, Candice Burt will be attempting the FKT for the 165 mile circumnavigation of the lake.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the county, Vermont 100 kicks off too. Here’s who’s in.

In case you didn’t see this yesterday, don’t poop in alleys.

Some great pics from Badwater.  Keith Straw (in the pink tutu) seems to be pacer-less. Did he do it alone?

Interesting piece on the incomes of track and field runners. A precious few make good money while the rest live in poverty.  Similar to MUT running, but with less actually making a living at it.

…meanwhile, two of the women who do make good money in track walk out of a press conference when faced with a doping question they didn’t want to hear.

The top ten biggest mistakes endurance athletes make.  Yeah, their answer to everything is to use their products, but the issues are still there.

Cool read: Inside the country’s largest unsanctioned bike race.  Basically a fatass, but with a wicked competitive bent to it.  Are there any equivalents in MUT running?

Timed events: Races without finish lines.  I’m looking for another one on the West Coast this fall…any ideas?

We’re heading into the studio to record two new podcasts.  One with a top female, and one with an insane male.  Stay tuned!

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