Daily News, Fri, July 25

Running a hundred is one thing…recovering successfully is a different beast entirely (and one that many of us are not good at.)

Something you can do every day that reduces stress, prevents certain types of cancer, helps your heart and blood pressure, and a whole lot more. What is it?

This is going to be neat to follow. Nick Hollon and a friend (who survived cancer) are writing a zen philosophy for the next ten days and how it relates to their lives.

NUC: I love MTB videos, and here’s a great one of a guy jumping over a freakin canyon.

What it takes to finish Hardrock 20 times: An interview with Kirk Apt.

Speaking of interviews, didya hear my brand spankin new podcast with Joe Fejes? He’s the RD for next weeks’ Six Days in the Dome and he’s aiming to run a whopping 600 miles of his own. Definitely a fun guy who runs distances that are difficult to comprehend.

Past guest Matt B Davis asks: Are themed runs done?

They say to themselves, “Feelin’ good. Lookin’ good. Oughta be in Hollywood.” So, anytime I found myself in the suck on Saturday, I just busted out that gem, and imagined my SEAL brothers in the sh*t in some foreign country, getting shot at, and generally enduring a reality much more demanding than mine, at an ultra-running event in beautiful Lake Tahoe. “Don’t be a cupcake,” a running buddy, Leigh Schmitt, once said to me.

–this and more from Bob Shebests’ Tahoe Rim Trail race report. If you’re a numbers person who analyses data and plans for an event, this is for you.

How to stay in shape and have a job at the same time. Balance!

Interesting: Caitlin finds out that it’s a lack of iron that’s causing severe leg cramps.

Great interview with Ellie Greenwood.

Something probably many of can relate to: The benefits of discomfort. Yes!

Seven tips to avoid stomach cramps.

If you’re preparing for a mountain hundred and you have one major mountain in your area, drive to it and run it twice.

Awesome: Running inventions we’d like to see.

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