Daily News, Fri, July 26

A certain someone is running a hundo in Idaho next month. I’m sure she’s being demure about it all, but wow! Awesome!  How many people have 50+ results and a 100% ranking?!?

This new bike seat has a little something extra built into it. Care to comment ladies?

Here’s a video preview of a new point to point 100 in Tennessee and it looks sweet.

Speedgoat is tomorrow and it’ll be a doozy. A bunch of fast guys and gals on a killer course going after cash…

News was a bit late today. Sorry. Lagunitas night at my local ale house and…yeah.

Here’s an in-depth interview with a greek ultra coach. Pretty good stuff.

and here’s a big post on Greek runners competing in the Dolomites Skyrace.

The Olson family needs a reality show. Not a Jersey Shore disaster-fest, but it’d be one I would actually watch and live vicariously through.  Yeah, I’m jealous.

This Aussie just set a new record and ate pizza the whole time.

Awesome photo of Marco De Gasperi from last week. Ten feet ahead is Kilian. Wow!

Running tattoos. That’s a pretty lame gallery, IMHO.

The importance of strength training.

There’s some new gizmo that sticks to your skin and will alert you when you’re about to bonk.

I wish I were going to be in Maine to watch this 50k road race championship. Tiny island with a lobster bake at the finish? Yes please!

As mentioned earlier, I’ll be in Hawaii (island of Moloka’i) for two weeks starting Monday. The Daily News may be short and posted at weird times, but I’ll try to get it done. Bear with me. Thanks.

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