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Jurek: How skiing molded his ultra career.  Speaking of Jurek, I heard through the grapevine that the CLIF Bar interview/meet and greet with him last night was an awful, wasted opportunity.  What went wrong?  We’re no experts, but here’s our interview with him from last year where we discuss important stuff like…beer.

Ultramarathoners suuuure do love their supplements.

Bighorn 100
Bighorn 100

Bighorn 50/100 is today in Wyoming at the curious time of 11am. Looks like a gorgeous course. Have fun out there!

…and the DRTE100 starts tomorrow in Santa Barbara. We interviewed the RD Mark Hartell earlier this year.

…and the series of awesome trails at the Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race looks like they shouldn’t be missed.

Science says running is good for you, not bad.

Here’s GoTrail’s weekly dose of trailporn.

Here’s a free digital copy of Skyrunning Magazine that details the events in the series.

Awesome: Running from failure.

How to run every day.

Craig Thornley discussed the idea of having a Haggin Cup at WS100. The award would be given to the runner who finishes in “best shape.”  Yeah, it’d be interesting, but I’m more interested in who wins, regardless of what they do to their bodies.

After the crazy (and yet unsolved) disappearance of a runner mid-race, Mt. Marathon is forced to make some changes.

A trail marathon through Banff National Park sounds and looks incredible…until you find out

Banff National Park
Banff National Park

that the environmentalists are concerned with disrupting the Grizzly population. Enough said. Pass.

This article about designer running shoes kinda makes me want to barf.  First, we balk at $100 running shoes? Huh?

Natural Running“: What the heck does it mean?

Review of Spirit of the Marathon II.  Did you see it?  What’d you think?

Save this: Sixteen stories of everyday trail running heroes.

The Mount Washington Road Race is tomorrow. Sage is running it.

Former drug addict running Western States to support disabled athletes.

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