Daily News, Fri, June 20

News is late today. I tried to get a full night sleep so I’d be awake for my 12 hour, which starts tomorrow night at 8pm.

Ian gives us his thorough Western States predictions. Hmmm, a dark horse, I like it!

….and Outside Magazine writes about ’78 edition the Big Dance. Very cool.

Didya see my new comparison of small handheld bottles?

Uh-oh, looks like the Coury Boys got a heli-cam!  Great video from their Adrenaline Night run in the desert.

How to learn to love hills. You’re probably not reading this if you don’t love running mountains, but…

And Frosty offers her advice too.

And definitely check out the new podcast of two regular guys running Western States. Kyle’s run before, and this is Scott’s first attempt.

Great post on sustainability and using upper bounds to keep ourselves in check.

Great interview with Samantha Gash.


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