Daily News, Fri, June 21

Want to see a sweet video on Transvulcania?

The best fruits for fueling your body…and our interview with the Fruitarian.

Yes, pace matters in ultras. Are you making any of these mistakes?

You playing the IRF Western States Prediction Contest? I don’t want to jinx anyone by predicting a win for them.

Lame: Looks like Hardrock is using the ultraspire plastic cups. I’ve been at two races now when these are “used” and when it’s a noble idea, nobody uses them.  Thoughts?

We’re interviewing a WS100 mens top ten today who we haven’t spoken to before.  Guess who and win yourself a URP beer koozie and sticker.

Some complain about the lack of money in our sport, but try being Leo Manzano. He’s an Olympic hero who’s currently unattached with no income. I think someone needs a new manager…

Is this the right job for you? Someone’s gonna get a sweet gig.

Alright MUT peak baggers, these are five summits you can’t have.

Seven surprising sources of running injuries.

Nine helpful tips on your running form.





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