Daily News, Fri June 28

This 5k was a hot topic on our FB page yesterday. It’s certainly not an ultra, but everyone is armed.  Favorite comment: “when they shoot the starting gun, will the runners shoot back?”

Greg Crowther interviews Charlie Engle.

Defining legendary status in the ultra kingdom.  Who would you pick?

Cross training, right?

For the active parents out there who want to up their game, I give you the roller stroller.  That kid should probably have a helmet on.

NUC: According to tripadvisor, here are the top 25 landmarks in the world.  Two out of the top ten seemed accurate.

Better list: America’s top 32 trails.

An interview with Kilian.  Taken in Catalan by a Greek site then translated to English.

The ten best carbohydrate sources.

Auburn Journal’s rundown of WS information.

If you’re traveling to an event this weekend, might want to bone up on your “how to travel to a race” by footfeathers.

Don’t do this: The 12 worst ways to die in the wild.

Heading up the hill today.  We’ll be at either Dusty Corners or Robinson’s Flat taking pics and cheering on runners, then we’ll set up camp at Foresthill (not too far from the Subway), then off to the Placer HS track for the night.  We’ll also be posting live pics (pending service) to this site, so stay tuned.


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