Daily News, Fri, June 6

Alright, this sounds like a pretty awesome run. Is there an FKT for it?

Wow, this “Grand Slam” makes ours look pedestrian.

Former Western States RD Greg Soderlund runs without kidneys.

Check out that suspension bridge! Squamish peeps, is that for real???

Oldie but goodie. Pooping in the Outdoors: A flowchart.

The top six core training mistakes.

Hey, didya hear the new podcast with Mike Wolfe? Sarah and I sat down with him and chatted about being a dad, paddling, adventures, and beer.

Have a quickie with Kiwi Sophie Grant.  Or maybe with AJW.

An everyday man’s guide to Comrades, but one that left a bad feeling in his heart.

Coffee, caffeine, and endurance mountain running.

And apparently tomorrow is National Trails Day. Of course it it. It’s a Saturday in Spring, and everyone I know has a few races on their calendar in the next few months.

Really good article on getting to the source of an injury.

If you listened to the Leor Pantilat interview from last month, he talked about going on a crazy adventure run where he had to run up a river for a few miles. Here are the pics from the entire run. Beautiful!

This week in science…Marathons don’t cause knee damage.

I’ve always enjoyed reading John’s columns. Sad to see him go.

Weekend (Partial) Calendar:


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