Daily News, Fri, June 7

Check out the “Zironman” route that a coupla guys put together. Awesome!

Great read: Trail running in a war zone.

The Angry Jogger replies to 18 questions he’s sick of hearing from non-runners.

NUC: We’ve already spoken with the Fruitarian…is it time to book the Breatharian? Relying on sunlight in Seattle? Better get her fast…

San Diego 100 starts tomorrow morning with this cast of characters. Track them live here.

Meanwhile on the East Coast, Cayuga Trails 50 will take off. Here’s a preview with some names you’ll certainly recognize.

Do you stress out about waking up on race day? Remember this classic Seinfeld episode?

Oz Pearlman, the ultrarunning magician, is gearing up for Badwater this year.

Ahh, alright, now it’s cleared up: Turns out the barefoot running gate is not more efficient.

Here’s an MUT-based Q&A with James Cracknell, British Gold Medalist rowing champ and all-around cool guy.

A journalism student befriends Charlie Engle in prison and writes a book about it.  Sounds a bit too “lit-ur-at-sure”-ish for me, but I’ll still check it out.  Here’s our podcast with Charlie.

Some gorgeous looking trails in Banff National Park.  Ellie’s stomping ground?

Witnesses report slow response in Tough Mudder death.

The mystique of the Western States course.

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