Daily News, Fri, Mar 14

Lauren Fleshman challenged runners to post unflattering pictures of themselves to “keep it real.” Here are the results. (Be sure to read their comments in the bottom left.)

NUC: The Lance/Landis/Lim drama continues.

Has anyone else tried a holistic approach to preventing/dealing with injuries.

NEWS: If you’re running Tarawera this weekend, there’s a massive course change (lopping about 40k off the course.)  Oh, and the Kiwi government has invested in the race.

Speedgoat Karl is taking another crack at the Appalachian Trail record, minus all the hoopla from last time.  Here’s our interview with him.

Good read: Running and training in the “uncomfortably hard zone.”

How long until we get a Street View version of our popular trails?

Upcoming documentary about running and beer. Hey, no one told me they’re setting up cameras in my studio!

What happens to our brains when we exercise?

Is there a better name for a trail run than this?

Did you see the new review for Flanagan’s Run? David Horton mentioned it in his interview with us a few months ago, listener Joey picked it up, read it, and reported back.

Let’s pull back the sheets  bit and look at the corruption that’s plagued running in the past.

And this week in science….Cushioned running shoes don’t reduce injuries. Be sure to stay tuned until next week.

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