Daily News, Fri, Mar 15

The ISF is attempting to establish an algorithm that’ll tell us who the actual elite runners are in the world, based on these races. Hmmm. Based on the list, Mike Morton doesn’t exist and Lake Sonoma won’t happen.

Interesting: The disadvantages of perfect pacing. Also with tons of great links to Reed Coolsaet’s site about training in Kenya.

Didya see our new review of the Montrail FluidFeel? Nice hybrid shoe perfect for multi-surface runs and races.

From a few months ago, but read it again: Tempo runs for ultra training.

Michael Lebowitz/LongRun photography
Michael Lebowitz/LongRun photography

If you’re into beautifully photographed trail runs, this Kickstarter project might be worth a few bucks. We’ve featured his photos on these pages and now Michael is publishing a coffee table book. Sounds awesome.

Barefoot Ted’s report from this year’s Caballo Blanco Ultramarathon. Hear our podcast with BFT here.

Here’s the international contingent running Tarawera tomorrow.

Whoa, this new Samsung phone tracks your running, eating, sleeping, and god knows what else.

Read this: How to move up in the pack.

I went to ultraunner confessional yesterday.

It’s OK to have a man crush on Lucho, right? Here’s our podcast with him from 2011.

Troga sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I picture myself lying on the ground with a pulled calf muscle, wrapped up in webbing, helplessly calling out for my toddler to come to my aid.

Heading down to SoCal for a 5k and some training at Whitney Canyon. Can’t wait.



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