Daily News, Fri, Mar 20

Drop this on your employer’s desk before you ask for the next Friday off: Does trail running make you a better employee?

Dubbed “The First LGBTQ Ultramarathon”, it really sounds like they just allow anyone to run…like any other ultra in the world, right?

Sad: The most popular beer in each country.

Ever been hit by an animal on a trail run?  Scott gets his comeuppance.

Average times for 50 milers by age group. Interesting that females are faster in the sub-19yo category.

Anton’s week of international travel, short runs, movie critiques, and coffee reviews.

My favorite ultra poetry.

Ford Smith returns to Antelope Island 50k, a wise, learned, and mature 18 year old.

Five quick mental tips for running an ultramarathon.

Some legitimate experts answer questions about endurance sports. Good stuff in there.

Kelsie is adorable…she’s also really freakin’ tough.

Five questions with Nick Symonds.

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