Daily News Fri, Mar 22

Interesting: New research on older runners.

I hope this movie (about the Taiwanese ultra-gal who had her leg removed because of an 18 day run) comes out in English.

Running and the 10,000 hour rule. Then there’s the upstarts who jump over from another sport and make us look like pansies.

Here’s a pretty cool calendar that shows the big ultras around the world with the top competitors.

Good read: Are you an uphill person or a downhill person? I’m the former.

Two more Kenyan marathoners busted for PEDs.

What I learned this week: If you’ve got a hole in your shorts liner, do not go out on a long run. The hole will enlarge and bad things will happen.

A cool video about the Adidas Ultra team. Nice people, great trails, looks like fun.

Is that a Steven Seagal energy drink?!? WTH?

Energy drinks are probably not good for you, but you likely already knew that.

Think about it: What sitting still can teach us about running fast.

The Barkley Marathons are approaching! Here’s the new (non)official website.

Learning to run farther than seemed possible. Although aimed at the roadie crowd, this can be applied to anyone.

Our Black Toe Nail Hall of Fame is getting stale. This weekend only: Send me a pic of your nastiness and I’ll send you a >26.2 sticker.  Please include one sentence about your toes and your address. Thanks.

How to (possibly) discover your true running potential.

Antelope Buffalo Run (50k/50M/100M) starts today in Utah. The Speedgoat is running the hundo, along with Nick Pedatella and others. Should be interesting.

Beer cans with removable tops. Duh.

…speaking of beer, here are some Girl Scout cookie-inspired brews. Thanks to Rosemary for the tip. I think I chose the wrong month to give up beer.

Marshall Ulrich selected for Running Hall of Fame. Here’s our podcast with him.

I had to look up ruck running, but suffice to say, this 63yo former Delta Force commander is a total badass. Good interview with him.  You military folks want to weigh in?


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