Daily News, Fri, Mar 6

When I grow up, I want to be like Sir Ranulph Fiennes. He’s had two heart attacks, a double heart bypass, a cancer operation, and he’s diabetic. And at 71, he’ll be running Marathon des Sables.

Two new podcasts right here and here. About half the interview is spent talking about Way Too Cool, the rest about training, life, beer, and why Serena throws away her shoes.  One more coming out today with two fast and married couples.

Ultrasportslive.tv will have full race day coverage from WayTooCool 50k. Check it out here.

You look at that cover photo and think “yeah, probably some elite dude in Colorado livin in his van.” Nope. Cool story!

AJW writes about trail running films here.

Spring ’15 Trail Running Film Festival will have some cool new films that’ll cover all aspects of trail running. You going?

Oi! New Zealand will have a trail running film festival of their own, too.

Could your Strava data be used against you in the future?

Willie’s ode to running in Patagonia. Those pictures are awesome.

I interviewed brewery owner/ER Doc/super fast runner Jason Friedman last year and had a great talk. Here’s his report from a very cold Mt Mitchell. Interesting commentary on his dietary success towards the end. It worked, but he’s bummed about it. I understand.

More on Ryan Sandes.

…and more from roadies freaking out about exact course length.

Check it out: The fifty healthiest foods of all time, with corresponding recipes.

I’ve no problem admitting I’m envious of Jason Schlarb for doing rad stuff like this.

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