Daily News, Fri March 1

Start your engines. Registration opens for Waldo 100k and SOB 50k/M this morning at 7am PST. Each will sell out in a matter of hours or maybe minutes.

TO @ last year's Waldo 100k
TO @ last year’s Waldo 100k

What’s the best way to measure body fat? If my pants don’t fit me, I’m too fat. If I need to tighten my belt all the way, I’m too skinny.

…and the skinny on being skinny.

…and more on digesting fad diets.

To hell with it, here’s the kegmill.

Rules to run by.

One of my favorite outdoor/trail running photographers Matt Trappe has a brand new website. Check it out here.

Great News! We’ve identified the download problem, upgraded the servers, and all should be good by Monday. Thanks for sticking with us! Many more podcasts to come! This temporary upgrade cost mucho $$$ so we’re considering launching a kickstarter campaign to fund it for the future. Thoughts?

James and Candice turn in a killer run report with amazing pictures from their run on the Na Pali Coast in Hawaii.

Check out this neat video of Usain Bolt running in Slo-Mo. It’s tough to not be too cynical with these guys, but isn’t it just a matter of time until he sits down with Oprah?

This guy is going to take a stand up paddle board 300 miles down the Florida Everglades. Nowhere does the article mention…ya know…alligators.

Track and Field: Watching Nick Symonds come from behind is awesome, but I like him more for his true convictions and willingness to take on big issues: “If my sponsors pull all my funding, so be it,” Symmonds says. “Ultimately, all I need to run is a pair of shoes, a stopwatch and the support of this community.”

The Copper Canyon ultra is this weekend in Uribe, Mexico. It’s been almost a year since Caballo Blanco passed away. Seems longer.

Norcal Runners: If you’re interested in running ITR’s Knickerbocker Canyon trail race in Cool, use coupon code COOLKNICK13 for 10% off. Good thru next Wed.

NUC: I’m happy I didn’t read this before I went to bed last night.

Loving nowhere: The joys of adventure running.

TNF Gran Canaria starts tonight! Definitely a bucket list event for me.

More track: Paper does a pretty snarky piece on Mo Farah, his wife, and his desire to, ya know, earn a good living.

Introducing the hydrosleeve. Strange.




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