Daily News, Fri, March 28

And for the most comically ironic piece of clothing available: The Anton signature shirt.

Did ya hear our new podcast with Emily Harrison?

How long does it take to get out of shape?

Here’s a hundred miler that takes place along the (former) Berlin Wall. Wow, talk about a place deep with strife. h/t to Patrick for sending me the info. He lives there and his father was kept behind the death strip for decades of his life. Now Patrick is able to run races there.

Lake Sonoma prediction contest! With prizes from Montrail, Victory Sportdesign, Inside Trail, San Francisco Running Co, and URP (first place gets a bunch of gear and you choose any new guest for URP!) Check it out here.

Here’s an interesting and inspiring interview with a guy who goes on some serious cycling adventures.

NUC: A very interesting article on the corruption behind amateur athletics in the US.

OK Max and Amy, what’re ya doin? You’re in the Headlands and running on the road?

Here’s a teaser for the Barkley documentary.

…speaking of Barkley, it’s this weekend. Who’s running?

Here’s a great piece by Kathy Vaughn that really shows how we deal with life issues as endurance runners. We plan, we compartmentalize, we adapt, and we look ahead. Glad you’re on the mend, not get out on that trail!

This week in science: Marathon training is…good for you!

Mosquitos, packs of wild dogs, temperature swings, and dangerous traffic…all part of a days work when you’re running through Eastern Europe (as you circumnavigate the globe.)

Your running Rorschach Test: What does your route say about you?

Sherpa John is starting a new trail racing company in Colorado and is looking for help.

There’s a debate brewing as to whether an old railroad in the Adirondacks should be converted to 60 miles of rail-to-trail, or retained as a tourist railroad.

No calendar today. It’s a lot of work and doesn’t see much action. Might have it back next week.

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