Daily News Fri, March 29

Here’s another reason the Japanese will soon make a huge impact our sport. Read how much emphasis they put on running. They treat it like we treat football.

…speaking of Japan, here’s a great intro/preview to Ultra-Trail Mt Fuji that’s coming up in one month. Did you know the hundo has a 46 hour time limit? Wow!

Altitude training: Fact vs Fiction.

Here’s a very cool race report from a run in Italy. Piazzas, old cathedrals, good food, and great pictures.

543530_373312982784369_205041104_nParents: Running stroller buying guide. I started with a single BOB Revolution, put 2500 miles on it, then moved up to a double Chariot. I prefer the Chariot (lower center of gravity, tray up top, front wheel trues better) and started my kids at 3 weeks. Expensive but worth every penny.

LUC: This is a great story about an indigenous Andean community that nearly lost its way to modernity, but was brought back from the brink. Sounds like a great trip/hike and I’d love to run it, but I guess it all comes down to how fast llamas can move, right?

How to run 1,000 miles in 30 days. I think they forgot to add “…and not get injured.

“I don’t care how old you are. If you don’t have goals, something to look forward to, you lose interest in life. I think that’s why a lot of people die early in life.”

This 95 year old won’t stop running and racing.

Running arm swing for endurance athletes.

Training: Consistency is your friend.

The International Trail Running Association Constitution?

So this is why we run? To reach carcasses?

Are you drinking the right liquids? For the past few years I’ve been just a water guy (for training), but I’ve recently been using Tailwind Nutrition and finding extra energy in workouts. Correlation or causation, who the hell knows?

Interesting but not surprising: Craft beer makers are veering away from traditional styles and concentrating on “other” styles.

All defending champs will return to Two Oceans this weekend. Good preview, too.


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