Daily News, Fri, May 10

Top five mistakes in ultrarunning: Avoiding common pitfalls.

How long of a drive is it to Nebraska? Here’s a nice little trail 7k with a beer stop mid-race and a beer garden afterwards. Nevermind, I’m running the Flume Trail tomorrow!

What American Idol taught me about running.

Do you know Peter Lubbers? Get to know him better here.

Your body by the numbers. Does anyone else do this?

This Hike of the Week guide could really be put to some good use.

“I want to thank the rest of you for making me look normal.” –Gordy Ainsleigh

Unless the words “jogger mauled by a pack of pitbulls” appeals to you, I’d recommend not running around Palmdale, CA.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but I want this pack.

Vatertag in HannoverHere’s a race in Germany where teams of three have to run a 6k race with a case of beer. First team to finish with an empty case wins.

This video is all in Italian but there’s some great footage of adventure running. Question: At the very beginning (:07 or so) it looks like an indoor trail race. What/where the heck is that?

If you’ve only got seven minutes, a chair, and a wall, this is what you should be doing.

From the science file:Β The genetic basis for elite running performance.

What happens when a beautiful trail race on the Italian coast turns into a torrential storm? Solid race reportΒ this way.

While there’s a ton of action going on at Transvulcania, Rickey Gates, Mike Wardian, and Dylan Bowman (thanks footfeathers!) AND Rob Krar AND Jason Wolfe (thanks Ian!) are all running Grand Canyon R2R2R separately. Hopefully these guys are on Strava and someone will create a challenge! Look out mules, there are some speedsters coming through!

Superhero athletes of the tech industry.

Great video: Why I run–A short trailrunning film.

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