Daily News, Fri May 16

This’ll test your fitness: Could you run down a deer? This guy did, and my guess is he’d make a pretty interesting guest.

Didya see the the sneak peek of the new Fast Pack 20 from Ultimate Direction? This is NOT a pack for 50s (k or mile) races, but one for pushing the limits off grid.

The odd (and effective) routines of famous people. Do you have a set routine regarding your training?

If this thing were coming at me on a single track, I’d be scared.

Hmm, this 11year old is running a 50k this weekend.

The fat shoe revolution. What’s your favorite model?

Why you should cross train even if you aren’t injured.

More on Michele Yates competing while pregnant. . And here’s my interview with her.

A week after a 50 miler, a brewery to brewery run sounds about perfect.

NUC: What you see in the mirror.

Ok, back at full speed next week. I’ve been swamped at home and have had to put this aside. New podcasts, new reviews, more news!

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