Daily News, Fri, May 17

Here’s another great interview with your local hut-living, Rastafarian ultra runner who’s completing OKTs while you’re asleep.

Awesome!  What happens when you poop in the woods? Ever heard of a Yak Tube?

…or if you don’t have a Yak Tube, here’s a flow chart on what to do.

Our friends over at The Range of Motion  will be heading down to the Santa Barbara hills for three days of Luis Escobar’s Born to Run event. Apparently they’ll be webcasting for as long as it makes sense to on Saturday May 18th starting at around 6 a.m.  Tune in to the broadcast here.

The female winner of the Two Oceans ultra just got busted for PEDs.  Are we still going to deny it’s happening in our sport?

AJW on peaking for an ultra.

We’re heading into the studio today to learn all we can about what it takes to go trail running with a donkey. Definitely stay tuned!

Ellie Greenwood reports: A stress fracture to right fibula necessitates this essential halt in normal service. Some service should resume in 6 to 8 weeks time but it may take several months for full, regular service to continue.  No Western States. No Comrades.   Heal up!

The cycling world is turning against spandex. Oh, the horror!

The BAA finds a solution for the runners who were stopped this year.

Fifty tips for your first fifty miler.

Sage Canaday’s Transvulcania race report.

Here’s my review on MAP.

Five things I hope to avoid on my upcoming solo adventure.



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