Daily News, Fri, May 2

Read this: The psychology of mental toughness for endurance running.

Good interview with 24 hour runner and Badwater veteran Harvey Lewis.

And here’s an incredible story and pics of Ryan Sandes’ Drakenberg Traverse.

Another reason to love Meb.

Do’s and Don’ts for triathletes on Strava. Anyone want to write one for runners? (personal note: I got my Garmin from an elite friend, did a hard reset to clear the old info, but it didn’t work. I suddenly have KOMs and segment records that I have no business having! File that under “Don’t”)

And nevermind, foot strike doesn’t affect injury rate.

Fun! The latest obstacle in obstacle racing is bloody diarrhea.

Cool interview with Michele Yates.

NorthFace video of Dean K with some great footage. I wish there were subtitles that showed where the shots were taken.

For the person who likes to buy everything, here’s a new (lame) gizmo.

Registration for The Wine Run opened yesterday. It’s in September in Ashland, OR, and is set on a beautiful (and tough!) set of trails in the wine country. RDs are Krista and Tim Olson, and yes, there’s wine at the final aid station.

Thanks for everyone who’s helped out the site by purchasing a koozie. They’re going faster than I thought!

Experience from a first time fell racer.

Here’s a rad looking 50 mile trail in Indiana.

Sometimes life gets in the way of running. So true right now! I’m redoing my entire front yard, pouring concrete, and laying 3k bricks (having never laid a single brick in my life!) ┬áNeedless to say, running has taken a back seat to this other “cross training” I’m taking part in.

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