Daily News, Fri, May 23

Watch this now and get happy: Miwok video from a midpacker.

Great race report from TNF100. Read what happens when a 100k comes down to the final 150m and both runners are exhausted.

Ten best Comrades moments.

Didya hear the new podcast with Luis Escobar?  Great insight on his wacky event, the life of a pro photographer, and his participation in Born to Run.

And here’s the Run Free movie trailer.

How FKTs are changing the sport.

Awesome Western States course preview from the guys at ultrasportslive.tv.

Speaking of WS100, this weekend is the big training camp and the area will be vibrant with those ready to tackle the trails. Have fun.

And another great video that really shows the Zegama trails well. With Kilian, Emelie, Cam, and others.  Here’s Ian’s comprehensive race preview.

Zach Bitter’s Ice Age report. Sometimes your day doesn’t go as planned.  Here’s our interview with Zach from last year.

Ha: A very intense 4k run through NYC.

And finally a big ol’ Thank You to the Veterans who’ve sacrificed a lot to protect this county of of ours. MUT running counts a lot of vets in our ranks and there’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing the trails with these brave men and women.  Thank You.

And it’s a great weekend to drink beer.

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