Daily News, Fri, May 3

With pacing duties getting booked for the spring and summer events, let’s revisit How to be an Ultra Pacer.


Cool video of what to expect at the Vibram Hong Kong 100.

<–Some gal is in Boston Commons at the same time Kevin Spacey is out for a run, so, of course, he photobombs her.  From reddit.

From yesterday’s FB posting: Outside Magazine’s list of ten trails that should be on every trail runner’s bucketlist.  I think we all agreed the list sucks.

OK, here’s a sweet product looking for launch on indidgogo. I’d use it to keep my phone in my pack, but be able to see Strava on my wrist.

With all this bad news coming from Mt Everest, let’s look at the climbing gear used from years past.

NUC whatsoever: How I became a hipster.

Not a lot of ultra news today. Remember, if you’ve got something or I’ve missed something for the Daily News, please shoot me an email! Thanks.

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