Daily News, Fri, May 30

If you’re a trail runner and this video doesn’t make you want to head to Zion now, ya might want to see the doctor.

This sounds awesome: Gear sharing site with your neighbors. I hope enough adventurers join so it becomes viable. Here’s more on it.

Am I too old to start endurance training?

This poll seems to have forgotten about Adidas.

Zach Bitter’s problem with the “primal” scene. Makes a whole lotta sense to me.

Whoa: The voodoo science behind Nike’s training program with Alberto.

Racing the Planet apparently settles for $10M in brushfire lawsuit that left 100k runner severely disfigured.

New Five Questions with beer drinkin’ globe trotter Nick LaBoffe.

This guy doesn’t care if you don’t CrossFit.

Gary Robbins: How to get fitter while injured.

One of the most creative race report videos I’ve seen in awhile.

How to run naked (and love it.)

Tweet from Bruce Fordyce: “ I really believe can win the 2014 Comrades.”

Mt Washington Road Race preview. I didn’t realize Zach “Cruise” Miller was running!

I’ve always heard that chocolate milk is a great recovery drink, but have never seen any actual evidence. Until now.

This gal hates medals.

…and this Canadian chica loves her body, running fast, burgers, and beer. Swoon.

Five must-do trail running camps. I’ll be at #4 in November and hope to see some of you there.

Next week interview schedule: Mike Wolfe and Dakota Jones. Stay tuned!

What are you running this weekend?


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