Daily News, Fri, May 9

Josh “Viral” Spector shows us the anatomy of an ultrarunner.

Ah, the issue of too many runners (being sometimes too competitive) in the Grand Canyon. Not an easy solution to this, other than respecting one another.

Go out and get crazy at your “B” race.

MTB: Great video of riding Acatenago Volcano in Guatemala. The people, the trails, the zipline (on a bike!)…h/t Javier.

And on the total opposite spectrum…the North Pole Marathon video.

Tips for having a non-running partner. 

Yes! These are the IPAs I’m talking about! Finally allowing the brewers to be creative and stop making hop bombs.

An ode to the mom who runs.

A good preview of the Quad Rock 50 competitors for this weekend. What about the ladies? Also this weekend: Ice Age 50 is a last chance effort for a few guys to punch Western States tickets, and Transvulcania is going on over seas on an island most people couldn’t find on a map. Live coverage here.

Common sense: I think Sam is going to be my new Science Correspondent.

Good stuff: Interview with Chris Vargo.

What’s a training structure, part one.

Ray does a pretty good job of describing a passionate runner.

Would’t it be great to have a display like this of classic running shoes? Ah, the old Continental Divide…the Green Silence…the original Waffle Racer…

Stair repeats wouldn’t be so bad if they looked like this.

IMG_0516Koozies are going fast…and the weather is getting warmer.  If you’re interested in helping out the site (and keeping your beer cold), head right over here. Thanks to everyone who’s donated so far!

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